“I have personally enjoyed the worship music of Doug Meeker and was drawn closer to God by it. If you want to focus on the Eternal King in worship, you too will benefit from making the journey to God along with Doug.”

Woodrow Kroll – President, Back to the Bible International


“When it comes to experiencing worship at a deeply meaningful level, Doug Meeker is someone who leads people to a greater appreciation of our awesome Creator. His humble spirit and ministry-driven heart are tremendously admirable qualities, but perhaps most impressive is his ability to be transparent and real.”

Dr. David G. Tucker – President/CEO, Trans World Radio


Letter to pastors: Doug has a passionate heart to call God’s people back to true worship (John 4:24). I have taught alongside of Doug, and I’ve also sat under his ministry. I assure you that if you contact him you will also be convinced that he is called to motivate, educate, and inspire God’s people to recapture the true essence of real worship. In addition to Doug’s anointed ability to communicate the heart of God, he is an excellent singer/musician, a man of integrity, and well-versed in Scripture. I urge you to take just a few minutes of your precious time and hear his heart. You and your congregation will be edified. Please feel free to contact me at 301…(email Doug for number)

John Miller, Pastor of Faith Christian Fellowship, Williamsport, MD


“Doug Meeker is one of those rare worship leaders who effectively guides people into worship through music in a way that will both deepen their understanding of their Father’s love and strengthen them in understanding their own identity. You don’t just sing when Doug leads worship. You see your Father’s face and find yourself responding to Him from a full heart.”

Steve McVey – President, Grace Walk Ministries, also-author of Grace Walk, Grace Rules, and many other wonderful books


“I just spent four days at a Christian conference where Doug Meeker led us toward worship—what a privilege it was.  I have never seen someone whose obvious love for God made him so sensitive to us.

It’s common that those leading have a certain style by which they attempt to push us to do something toward God:  sing, shout, praise.  They might think that the action changes the heart.  But Doug came in among us, he joined us, and his genuine wonder and awe of God and the humility that comes from that, assisted us with our own.  There was no pretense, no facade, and no push to do something for God, but Doug offered a loving and caring journey that drew from us the natural result of God’s work for us and in us.

We had lots and lots of “Oh, yeah! That’s how God is!” moments with Doug.  Our hearts opened gladly in response to God, and worry, fear and striving left us as love drove them out.  That’s worship and that’s what happens when Doug Meeker is leading.

Further, Doug regularly asked speakers (I was one of them) and workshop leaders how he could assist them in what they were going to speak about.  In essence, Doug cares about you—and I know why.  God has given Doug a heart like His.”

Ralph Harris, author of Better Off than You Think- God’s Astounding Opinion of You


“If God granted me to invite ten of my favorite all-time leaders on a Winnebago trip to sit around campfires and worship our God, for sure Doug would be near the front on that bus. God has given him rare gifting. His understanding of grace and who he is in Christ, releases a sincerity, passion and beauty that is healing and renewing. I trust him. I know that he is being affected by the very worship experience he is offering. Doug offers Christ’s life with a winsomeness and a freshness that draws my heart to believe He adores me on my worst day. I’m only sad that I didn’t get to know him until now.”

John Lynch, Co-Author of “Bo’s Cafe” and “The Cure”